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1. Love a certain breed? Find out who rescues that breed in your area. 
Responsible Pet Owners Alliance maintains such a listing on our web site: Let your personal contacts know that our rescue program has purebred and mixed breed animals of all species available for adoption.

2. Be willing to help place dogs from people who are no longer able to take care of their pet due to their age, illness or other legitimate personal reasons.  Help with any expertise you may have -- in training, socializing, etc.

3. Help dog owners with the problems which are forcing them to give up their pets to our rescue program or shelters.  Help with temperament evaluation.

4. You can donate money, crates, blankets, leashes, collars, shampoos, medicines; organize and/or support fundraising efforts. Put a can in your pet store and collect donations.

5. You can be a foster (temporary) home or recruit foster homes for rehabilitating rescued dogs.  These are people who are willing to take in a dog, regain its trust and rebuild its health.  Ask anyone you think would be a good candidate. If they are willing, give their name to the appropriate breed rescue person for final screening.

6. You can staff an educational booth or pet adoption days.  Grooming, nail trimming and bathing are always necessary.   

7. You can return phone calls. Most rescuers get more calls than they can return. Be the rescue contact on the list who coordinates the rescues and adoptions.  You answer the phone, keep the file of prospective adopters, keep the records on the dogs, etc.

8. You can process adoption applications.  Do home checks and check references; design and maintain a website; help with mailings, letter writing.

9. Transportation: Be the pick-up person who transports the dog to the veterinarian, to and from adoption days, and/or to the foster home.

10. Purebred dog breeders can screen puppy buyers as prospective adopters for rescue dogs.  (Many breeders don’t breed often and when getting calls for puppies, seldom have them available.  Always ask if the prospect is interested in an adult rescue dog which is spayed/neutered.)

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