Responsible Pet Owners Alliance, Inc.

“Promoting a positive image of pet ownership and
demonstrating the important role animals play in our lives”


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Funding and Donations

A non-profit charitable and educational 501 (c)(3) organization

Tax ID Number:  74-2650920 

Supported solely by your tax deductible contributions and membership dues. 

Responsible Pet Owners Alliance
900 NE Loop 410  #311-D
San Antonio, TX  78209 

Please send your tax deductible contributions to our address above or
call (210) 822-6763 for more information on our programs.  Thank you for
your support.  Gifts may be made in the form of cash securities,
real estate and other items of value in whatever manner is most
appropriate to the donor’s tax situation. 

The president and board of directors volunteer their time
and expertise because of their dedication to the goals of
the organization.  They receive no salary or compensation. 

Grant funds are used exclusively for the projects for which they are intended.
Full accounting of grant funds is provided during and upon completion of the
funded project, according to the donors’ wishes. 


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