“Our mission is to be the leading provider of information and assistance concerning
animal welfare and related public health issues, taking whatever steps necessary
to preserve our historic relationship with animals.”


Responsible Pet Owners Alliance

An American Kennel Club State Federation for Texas

Member of Southwest Texas Animal Care and Control Association


In 1992 it became apparent to us that there was a dire need for a new
proactive organization to analyze area animal related problems and develop programs
to prevent or solve them instead of only accepting unwanted animals in shelters.
At that time we organized as an all volunteer organization, operating from a
home environment.  However an office eventually became a necessity due
to increasing demands for our services. 

Our first office space was rented in June, 1998 and became fully equipped
and functional with grant funding provided by the Kronkosky Charitable Foundation
and San Antonio Area Foundation.

Our purpose is to make a lasting contribution to the quality of life for
animals and people as animals are a public health and safety issue.
Animal bites, rabies, and other zoonotic diseases threaten the safety of
everyone when animals aren’t properly maintained and enclosed. 

We strive to change the “attitudes” of pet owners – addressing animal problems with
a positive message, education, and assistance.  Responsibly caring for animals
involves educating their owners and instilling realistic expectations of
companion animal behavior and of the commitments involved in pet ownership.

Our membership is comprised of many concerned pet owners,
pet clubs, pet fanciers, veterinarians, veterinary technicians, pet groomers,
boarding kennels, pet sitters, rescuers, breeders, dog behaviorists and
trainers and many others in the pet industry who
offer our animal expertise to the community as a public service.

RPOA presents an unrelenting stance against the “animal rights” agenda to abolish
all relationships, use and ownership of animals, including pet ownership. 

 We believe in the freedom of choice, whether to:

Wear fur, leather, silk and wool.
Eat meat and animal products.
Visit the rodeo, circus, zoo, Sea World.
Use animals in service & entertainment.
Benefit from animal use in medical research.
Responsibly breed purebred animals.

Pets Are Us!

Pets are an important part of our lives. Fido, Fifi and Fluffy are more than cute balls of fur.

They are living, breathing prescriptions for what often ails us.

Their joy and spirit encourages us, and their mere presence as silent,

understanding companions comforts us and chases the blues away.

Big or little, our pets run, walk, crawl, slither and fly into our hearts.

And in doing so, they improve our physical and mental well-being in ways nothing else can.

… Knight Ridder News Service






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